Monday, June 26, 2006

Couch...empty Posted by Picasa

This was taken the day after the Garrett picutre (see below). The idea I had was front and back of a CD with the back being the empty couch.

Dusty Strings Posted by Picasa

Some people preserve the dust on their instruments.

Garrett Posted by Picasa

I saw Garrett on the couch relaxing while taking pictures for the Friday night concert. It hit me right there that it would be a great CD cover. I am so excited about this picture as it was completely by chance that all the colors just meshed like they do. I also like the randomness of the blinds and the old floor.

Lee Posted by Picasa

I love black and white photos. They are timeless. Lee commented how this one looks like the cover of an old magazine. It is my favorite from his Friday night show. This is at the end of a song.

Lee Posted by Picasa

Mark Posted by Picasa

Mark Posted by Picasa

Mark lets the final note ring...

Randy Posted by Picasa

One of the lights kept giving me a terrible glare. I had to wait as Randy moved to get the pciture at the right time. After missing this a few times, I looked at the camera window and saw it was actually a kind of cool effect.

Butch Posted by Picasa

He is always fun to photograph. Full of energy and emotion.

Randy, Christie, and Butch Posted by Picasa

I like this one because they are just out of the light a tiny bit. Taking color and B/W picts at the same time can be difficult. The bright lights on skin without stage makeup tends to over-expose when taking B/W. So I had to under-expose all the B/W photos, which became a nightmare trying to remember to set the exposure comp. back when switching back to color.

Christie Posted by Picasa

I like all the contrast in this one.

Friday Night Concert Posted by Picasa

Stephen Posted by Picasa

Notice that even when his hands aren't moving, his hammers still are :)

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Lens flare is something you normally try to avoid but the effect was pretty cool.

Steve Posted by Picasa

One of my favorites...

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